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"Uniting in Faith: Discover the Meaning and Significance of Ultreya at Camp Marshall"

"Discover the Meaning and Significance of Ultreya: A Weekend Retreat at Camp Marshall

Are you a part of the Cursillo community or interested in learning more about it? Then join us for a weekend of sharing praise and contemplation at Camp Marshall. Ultreya, a Spanish word meaning "Onward!", is a meeting held after a Cursillo experience where Cursillistas from one or several communities come together to share their experiences and reflect on their faith.

The Episcopal Diocese of Montana, under the leadership of Bishop Marty Stebbins, is interested in a re-boot of the Cursillo program in our diocese. As part of this initiative, we are hosting an Ultreya weekend at Camp Marshall from March 24th to 26th, 2023. The main event will take place on Saturday afternoon, but those who need to travel from further distances can arrive on Friday evening and depart on Sunday morning.

If you are interested in participating in this weekend, either as part of the leadership team or as a participant, please fill out the survey below to give us an idea of who will be attending, what role you might like to play. Join us as we take this opportunity to deepen our faith and connect with other like-minded individuals."

Below is a link to gather feedback from persons interested in this event. Please help by completing the survey. To take the survey Click Here

To learn more or to Register NOW CLICK HERE

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