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Summer Camp Packing List


Each camper in your family will need:


sleeping bag / or bedding


fitted twin bed sheet

Personal Items: 


sunscreen and mosquito repellent

One or more reading books


swimsuit & two or more towels

clothing for 5 nights and 6 days, with warm and cold weather options 

tennis shoes / running shoes for running and hiking

secure sandals or water shoes

rain coat or windbreaker fleece jacket or sweatshirt 


backpack for hiking excursions
durable, reusable water bottle
flashlight or headlamp with batteries

small backpack or fanny pack for day hikes (optional)

sun hat, baseball hat, or sunglasses


Before you get to camp: (only if you plan to fish) 
fishing license (anyone 12 or older who wishes to fish needs to bring a license, which may be purchased online here)



camera, musical instruments, hiking boots for day hikes, books,  journals, periodicals, short essays, long essays, journal and pen, envelopes/stamps to write letters home, white t-shirt (or other item of clothing) to tie-dye

Leave at home:

electronic games / ipads, cell phones

perfumes and body sprays

bikes and personal sports equipment

live animals/pets

A note regarding Family Camps: 

Families have the option of staying on camp for the day / and are also free to leave camp on a family excursion if they choose to.  Family camp is different than traditional camp.  The camp will have programming options available, however, no one will be required to attend any programming. 

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