Special Season

September 2020 - March 1, 2021

An amazing opportunity:  Due to COVID – 19 Camp Marshall is open to Episcopal Families and other non-profit groups through the end of February 2021. Depending on the status of COVID – 19 Camp Marshall may or may not continue making reservations for small groups (less than 12) after that time. (sorry - no pets)

Below are the prices to access the camp.  If you have any additional questions or wish to get help in making a reservation call our Helena Office at (406) 442-2230 and ask for Executive Director David Campbell.

Lodging: (sorry no pets)

$145 per-night  Coventry Cabin - Two Rooms - Sleeps family of four

$225 per-night Canterbury Cabin - Eight Rooms - Sleeps 12

RV Space (for one) East Side (no septic) $30 per-night

RV Space (for one) West Side (no septic) $30 per-night

       *Booking additional space / such as a restroom with shower is $20 per-day

Family Picnic / Day use only  / By appointment / Parking for two / by donation


Kayak / Paddle and PFD is available @ $20.00 per -person



2021 Retreat Rates:

• Groups of less than 12 guests are subject to group minimum rates.  Contact Jill Sallin, 406-442-2230 ext. 100 for more details.

• There is no charge for children under age 5.

• Each retreat group receives a Use Agreement and a copy of Camp Marshall's Retreat Leaders Guide by email.  The signature pages for each document must be returned to the office with a deposit and insurance information to secure your dates. 

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"Thank you for such a comfortable stay.  It was so easy and nice to be here.  I can't think of anything to improve on."

          -Nonprofit Group Leader/Missoula MT

"My stay at Camp Marshall was comfortable and beautiful.  The food was delicious!  Thank you!

          -Retreat Participant/ Kalispell MT

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Packages for 2021: 

There are three pricing options when choosing a retreat package at Camp Marshall for overnight guests. 

All are based on one night and three meals.  The difference between each is the number of services Camp Marshall provides. 

  • Economy Rate:   $48.50

  • Standard Rate:   $63.00

  • Premium Rate:   $77.00

To see a breakdown of pricing: click here

Programming rates: 

Camp Marshall also offers staff for Adventure Programming. 

Programming sessions are generally 1.5 - 2 hrs. in length.  Cost is $7.00 per-program session per-camper.  Activities include; swimming, kayaking, archery and challenge course.  For more information about how to include these in your event contact our office.  

*When booking, groups may request one snack/day at no additional charge.


Day Rates:

  0 meals - $  8.00/day

  1 meal -   $17.50/day

  2 meals - $27.00/day

  3 meals - $36.50/day