Book a retreat for your group

1. Who can rent Camp Marshall

Camp Marshall can serve 12 - 85 persons, with a larger capacity depending on the style of event. We serve Episcopal congregations, and non profit groups with a 501-c3 tax rating.

2. Schedule your event

It is important to plan well ahead when planning a group event. We recommend a year out as a best practice.

3. Building your budget

Every year Camp Marshall updates the fees for overnight lodging, meals and programs. To make it easy for groups we publish this information annually.

4. What Retreat Leaders need to know

Retreat Leaders have a great deal of responsibility when planning an event. To help with this work Camp Marshall has crafted a "Retreat Leaders Guide" to assist with organizing your event.

5. What a sample agreement looks like

Review a sample Use Agreement

6. Risk management and release forms

Camp Marshall requires that all guests complete appropriate release forms and have them on the property at the beginning of your event.

7. Waterfront Planning

If you are planning on using the waterfront there is a great deal to know.