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Staff Information Page

This is a resource page for Camp Marshall paid Staff and Volunteers. 


Here you will find a growing list of resources to help your experience at camp be a positive one. 

To begin: See the jobs open for the summer of 2024. Click Here

Preparation for arriving at camp:


Policies - "rules of the road"


Online Training Resources.

ServeSafe Food Handlers Card

Montana Boater Education Certificate

Adventure Activities - How we administer the activities.

Coming soon:



Once you have completed your online application you will have access to online forms or you can download them here.

Once you have completed them you may scan and upload them into your online application.

Very simple and easy to do:)

Episcopal Diocese of Montana Employee Handbook: 

The policies for the staff in the Episcopal Diocese of Montana are all found here.  To see and understand the expectations of Diocesan Staff and Volunteers this is an important document.  There is a section at the end dedicated to Camp Marshall and rules that are specific to this ministry and location.  It is IMPORTANT that all staff and volunteers read and acknowledge that they have read and understand the Camp Policies before arriving.  If you do arrive (and need time to review the policy before plugging into the program that will be OK) 

Risk Management

For comprehensive information on our risk management plan, including guidelines and procedures to ensure a safe and secure camp experience, please click the link below to download the PDF document:

Health and Safety
  1. "Discover our comprehensive healthcare protocols designed to ensure the well-being and safety of all campers and staff. Learn about our trained medical professionals, emergency response procedures, and preventative measures to create a healthy camp environment.

Standing Orders

To access the standing orders and guidelines for our health center, which provide essential information and protocols for providing optimal care to our campers, please click the link below to download the PDF document:

Safe Church Policies:


All leaders in the Episcopal Church are responsible to understand how to keep our communities safe from discrimination, harassment, exploitation and other forms of discrimination.  Weather you attend camp as a staff person the below policies are the newest framework for this training.  

At staff training you may be able to attend an "in person" class.  This class allows for the staff to discuss the policies in the context of our facilities, program design and how we can support each other in different situations.   ONLINE OPTION: If time and or the situation demands there is an online option with the diocese.  

To access the online training available to all leaders in the Episcopal Church.  To see the online options with the diocese CLICK HERE 

To read up and see our expectations you can follow either of the model policy links.

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Online Training

Kitchen: Volunteers or paid staff who will be working in and around the kitchen will need to obtain a Serve Safe Food handlers card.  This is an online class.  It is well done and worth your time (and ours).

While this is not a state requirement you will learn why we do things the way we do in our kitchen.  Persons who have the proper training are most welcome in the kitchen.  By contrast, if you have not been trained you will increase the odds of "trying to help" when in reality you may be making more work for yourself and others.  

The camp will reimburse all camp staff/volunteers for the cost of the class.  If you are unsure of your status contact the Camp Director, James Gartner at and he will let you know. 

Boating: Camp Marshall owns and operates a 23' power boat.  We use it in a variety of ways from fishing to shuttling groups to Wildhorse Island for hiking.  Staff who wish to help with boating are required to hold a Montana Boaters Education Card.  You can apply for a free test through the state or take the online course for a small fee.  Depending on your job description the camp may agree to cover the fee for the online class.  *Once you have taken the class it may take one to two weeks to receive your card. 

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