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Adult Retreats Update

There are two adult retreats coming up this spring.

Grace Camp - Women's Quilt Retreat

Joslyn Snider, hosts the Women's Retreat.

Women gather from around the state at Camp Marshall to create quilts for children of incarcerated parents.

Details when you register: The Schedule: Thursday March 31st: arrive 4-6 PM,

Dinner at 6 PM

Sunday April 3rd: ends at noon, after Worship Stay 1-3 nights at $50 per night.


$150 or $50 per night


March 31 - April 3, 2022

The Way of Love Contemplative Retreat

Living the Way of Love Amidst Pandemic is

Rev. Valerie Webster pictured with Presiding Bishop Curry.

designed to be a Christian Contemplative Retreat inviting refreshment and renewal. Immersed in Morning, Mid-day, and Evening Prayer, and the Benedictine rhythm’s which shaped our Episcopal BCP, through Lectio Divina & Chant & other spiritual practice, we’ll reflect on our COVID-19 journeys as we seek to walk the way of love refreshed and ready for what’s next. All are welcome. Price $100.00 Dates May 17th (5pm) - May 19 (12 noon), 2022


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