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Inspired by our faith, let’s build communities that bring joy, love and healing to the world

WHAT Thanks to a generous grant from Province VI of the Episcopal Church, we have 32 paid internships to offer young adults ages 18-22. Between Aug-Dec 2020, interns will:

- Read The Art of Gathering and learn community organizing strategy.

- Form a group of 6-10 friends/classmates that will gather 5x/semester.

- Check-in with the other small group leaders 3x/semester for mutual support.

We estimate that this will be a 30-35 hour commitment spread across the semester. All interns will be paid $400 upon the completion of the internship.

WHY Groups let us know that we belong. They are places to tell stories, ask questions, goof around and share life. Jesus’ ministry was all about gathering folks in small groups to show folks they are loved--no matter what.

This world needs the joy and healing that can come from small groups. Our small groups will focus on telling our own story and hearing the stories of others. We believe that starting with stories helps us build real friendships and strong communities.

WHO SHOULD APPLY? Are you 18-22? Great! You should apply! It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert. It doesn’t matter if you are experienced in leadership or brand new to this. You’ll have coaches to check in when challenges arise + 31 other small group leaders rooting for you. You got this!!!

I’M IN! WHAT’S NEXT? Fill out an application at: Questions? Email: AND

Internship Announcement
Download PDF • 17KB

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