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Amazing Alumni

Alumni Shoutout!

This week we've been spending some time talking about how much we miss our campers and alumni, and how much talent they all have! So we decided we are going to do Alumni Shoutouts, and share with you some of the amazing and cool stuff our former campers and staff have been up to.

Sierra Crandell is a 2nd grade teacher in Colorado, and grew up attending Camp Marshall. She made these instructional dance videos during quarantine, and she has graciously allowed us to share them with you all!

For all of you dancers out there- check these out! And get dancing!

Do YOU have something cool that you've been up to that you want to share with us? We'd love to see it! And keep your eyes peeled for more posts featuring some of the incredible folks who are a part of the Camp Marshall family, and the way they're using their talents these days!

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