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Tom Carlson

Camp Commission President, Lay Member 2024

I was baptized and confirmed in Montana, but accepted Jesus as my Savior at Camp.
While attending college, I worked at Camp several years.

I met my wife Kris in the MSU College of Nursing, and we married in 87. After a few years and many adventures we moved home to Montana with a two week old baby. Another beautiful girl came three years later. Both girls, Jasmine and Camas were baptized at Christ Church Kalispell, and have participated and worked at Camp Marshall.

Kris and I are retired now and live on our homestead in the Flathead. Our latest joy is our first grandchild who with his mother live with us.

We are excited to be a part of this chapter in Camp Marshall's story, and helping find the next camp director.

Tom Carlson
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