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Noelle Kent

Lay Member 2023

I was able to attend Camp Marshall from the time I was 10 years old. Camp gave me opportunities in various youth activities. As a high schooler, I attended youth conventions and Happenings around the state. My senior year of high school I was able to be on the Youth Board, which was a group of high schoolers from
around the state that would gather several times a year to organize the various events for the state youth program. After I graduated high school, I was able to be a waterfront director at Camp Marshall. Several years later I was able to volunteer to be a counselor at Camp Marshall under Dave Campbell's direction.

Today, I am a wife and a mother to four who have all attended Camp Marshall. My husband and
I organize a church fundraiser every year (minus the last two due to COVID) at St. Luke's to
raise funds for Grace Camp.

Max, our son, is in his 2nd year at Western, Frannie is an 8th grader and we have twin girls,
Julie and Maggie, who are 3rd graders. I was lucky enough to stay home most of the past 15
years to be available for them. This year I took a position at my twins' school as a "para.” I have
the opportunity to work with 4th and 5th graders who are behind in reading and math over the
last two years due to Covid quarantine and remote learning.

My heart and my faith was secured in the love and compassion of my experiences at Camp
Marshall. I have lifelong friends from camp. We have our faith in God's love and understanding
and we came by that through love, friendship and prayer together at Camp Marshall. I have a
passion for and belief in what Camp Marshall brings to the youth of Montana.

Noelle Kent
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