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Three Amazing ways to help Camp Marshall

A challenging year:

COVID has been a particularly challenging year for Camp Marshall. In summary, with closure related losses camp is anticipating a shortage of roughly $130,000 for the fiscal year. To offset that we have cut (successfully) $112,000.00 in expenses. While we have done what we can to cut expenses we still have an anticipated shortfall of approximately 18,000.00 projected year end.

These numbers do not include the grant we received from the Vickers Fund to run our online summer program which we were blessed with. Nor, from a different grant from the Faber Fund to help us continue making strategic improvements to the camp during the shut-down. Our hope is to finish the year with a balanced budget, so we still have some work ahead to accomplish this goal.

Three ways you can help:

1. Rent part of the camp. While we are not open to groups larger than 15, we will be open to small groups and or individual Episcopal families to use the camp. Coventry Cabin is available for $145.00 a night, sleeps a family of 4. While Canterbury, $225 a night, will sleep up to 12 people. (We are also open for guests with trailers). For more information on prices or how to book a retreat go to:

2. Make a donation: To make a donation is easy. Follow the link and you will see a “menu” to choose from. Funds received under “General Donations” will help us finish our financial year strong. Purchased made from the camp store will generate dollars for our scholarship program. *Only a small portion of each purchase goes to the fund. We found the “online store” approach was the easiest for the camp since it does not require us to keep an inventory.

3. Pray: Prayer has a way of stimulating the muscle of an omnipotent God. Prayer is rocket fuel to the work and mission of the camp. Your prayers, every one of them, is appreciated. If you are not sure what to pray for here are a few ideas. Pray for; our 2021 staff, our campers (many who have had a tough summer) the camps finances (that we continue to be blessed) to show the power of God’s love. Also, please pray for all of our congregations who have all been impacted by COVID in their face to face ministries. Pray for vision and perseverance as we navigate uncharted water.

Our goal for September will be to raise $5,000.00 with the hope each month successfully takes a bite away from our projected shortfall.

By the way – we love it when people come to visit the camp! With COVID we do this by appointment only (to be sure you have a clear space). We do have spare masks available for anyone who needs one. There are indeed some “thin spaces” for prayer and peace. Come, enjoy some time at your camp on the Lake. We do ask that day visitors make a donation – but if you can’t – that’s OK. You are a blessing.

If you have questions or would like to visit about the camp, please feel free to give me a call. We are currently working on setting up the 2021 summer season which is very exciting.

Yours in Christ,

David Campbell

Executive Director

Camp Marshall

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