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Read The Gospel For Camp Marshall!

This summer, we will not only find creative ways to stay connected, but we will also create video artifacts for the diocese. One of these artifacts is The Gospel Project. To participate, simply download and print the attached Gospel reading of the week and record a video of yourself reading it out loud. Then, email us this video to via a google drive link with the title and subject Year B Gospel. Be sure to include your name and the church you attend in the title as well. (Example: Year B Gospel_John Smith_Christ Episcopal Church.) The first reading will be due Thursday the 25th so we can edit the submissions together in a compilation that can be used by the church in the future. This process will be repeated every week during the summer season and the Gospel will be updated each time.

Here is an example of what the final compilation would look like:

Also -- use the thumbnail of this video as a reference for what your gospel reading should look like. Note that the image is in landscape rather than portrait, the reader is well lit, has a clear voice, and is wearing camp appropriate attire.

We look forward to hear your voices speak The Gospel!

Yours in Christ,

Connor O’Boyle

The Gospel (Week 1)
Download DOCX • 12KB

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