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Looking for Volunteers: We need your help.

This summer camp is hosting three youth weeks. Each week we will need volunteers to help make this summer come together.

For Jr. Middler Camp (students entering grades 3 - 8) we currently have 30 students enrolled. The break down is 18 boys and 12 girls. To pull off this week with students currently enrolled we will need at least one boys counselor (volunteer). If we have any other girls sign up for camp we will need at least two girls counselors.

Please pray about volunteering for camp. You will make a world of difference.

For Senior High Camp we currently have 4 boys and 10 girls signed up for camp. To make this week a go we will need at least two female counselors (volunteers).

To learn more about being a volunteer this summer (or if there is someone you can share this with) CLICK HERE.

*All Staff/Volunteers must be vaccinated before coming to camp.

We also need a couple of kitchen volunteers each week.

Thank you for your continued prayers for Camp Marshall.

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