Lego stories and Pet Pictures

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Hello Friends- It's time for a CAMPER CHALLENGE! Each week we are going to post some challenges and then invite YOU to complete them. These challenges are for any age, children and adults. Then we will edit and post all of your submissions in a camper compilation.

This week the challenge involves things we all love- PETS and TOYS! Intrigued yet?

Pet Pictures- We LOVE all of God's critters, but we especially love our own pets! Send us a photo of your pet and we will make a slide show of them to show case on Tuesday June 23rd. Please send submissions to our email at with the subject "God's critters". In the email please include your first name and the location you and your pet live in.  This submissions must be in byThursday June 18th by 2 pm to be in our video.We can't wait to see those fluffy, feathering, or slimy animals you all love! 

Lego Stories-