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Dear Camp Alumni

May the Lord of Love we met at Camp Marshall Bless you and your ministries!

My name is Tom Carlson. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and

Savior at Senior High Camp in ‘78.

Tom Carlson, Camp Commission President & helper

A couple years later I worked as staff for several years and participated in the Camp Committee of that day. Now, after seeing our two girls participate as campers and staff, I have been voted President of the current Camp Marshall Commission. In this advisory role, I have been asked to lead a group to organize this year’s Celebrate Camp Marshall Alumni Weekend and 75th Anniversary event.

I hope to hustle a few other Alumni to help with all aspects of this year’s Alumni Weekend. David Campbell (executive director) and Jocelyn Snider (program director) have given us reigns to this pony! Of course all major decisions will need to be run by Bishop Marty, but I have been assured she is generally flexible open to lay ministry. We will organize and orchestrate the program, worship, and coordination of activities for the weekend and some kind of “special event”to celebrate our 75th for those who may attend an event but not the full weekend.

I hope to gather a team over the next couple weeks. Then hold a zoom meeting to identify tasks and divide into work groups. We have the opportunity to create a lovely weekend of reunions, affirmations, and maybe even inspiration. I have lots of ideas, and most of you will have many more.

I need your help! Please consider joining this effort. Simply send me a note of interest. My email is

On a related note, the Camp has received a gift from some Alumni to make the weekend affordable to all.. Hopefully we can get the word out for those who would come if finances were not an issue. I think this will be accomplished with scholarships, but details are pending.

Feel free to call or email me to volunteer or ask questions.

Your brother in Christ,

Tom Carlson


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