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CAMPER PARTICIPATION POINTS (The more you do, the more you'll earn!)

HELLO EVERYONE! This last week after a conversation with one of our middle school campers, an idea started brewing in our heads. What would it look like if we made a friendly contest to encourage more people to participate in our virtual program? So that's what we've done! We will keep track of our campers and their activities week by week, and at the end of the summer the overall winner will receive a camp shirt with our new design on it. Runners up will get prizes too, such as stickers or a mug!

Just a reminder- this summer the word "Camper" refers to ANYONE, ANY AGE who registers and participates in camp!

We've assigned point value to all of the things in our program this summer. Here is that point system broken down:

Attending virtual campfire -10 pts

(Note: You'll need to chat/ comment your name because our screen doesn't show us who's on)

Video Submissions-10 pts a piece

Small Groups- 10 pts a piece

Prayer or Gospel Readings= 10 pts a piece

Photo or artwork- 5 pts a piece

Bonus points (Interviews, dances, other miscellaneous items) - 5 pts

We've kept track of week 1 so far, and we already have quite a few campers with points adding up! However it's NEVER to late for YOU to register and start attending and contributing! We want EVERYONE involved.

So there you have it- A fun contest that will hopefully encourage all of you to jump into our program. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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