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A Message From Camp Marshall

Welcome to Camp Marshall’s online 2020 summer season. We want to start off by taking a moment to grieve the loss of a normal camp this summer. When we have a stressful year at school or work, we usually want nothing more than to decompress and strengthen our faith by coming together and praising God at camp. The first half of 2020 may be the most stressful time we’ve faced as a nation in decades. The Coronavirus, severe unemployment, significant police brutality, and subsequent protests are really just scratching the surface of a struggle many of us never thought we had to face.

While this is all a deep and unfortunate truth, the good news is that God is still with us. We want to help not only the campers that were planning to return or start their faith walk at Camp Marshall, but also anyone who wishes to join us in a completely online format using Zoom meetings as well as our new and improved website. Camper safety is our number one priority at camp, so we believed switching to a virtual platform was the best and most productive course of action. While this is not intended to replace camp as we know and love it, it is a way for us to come together, heal through our struggles, and possibly see some familiar faces.

As you may have heard in the video above, our online content will mainly consist Zoom meetings as well as Youtube live streams. We will start off every week with a key note speaker, one being the presiding bishop, Micheal Curry. We will also have daily pre-recorded chapel services, Zoom workshops, live campfires, as well as camper challenges to complete at your own convenience.

Please register and consider donating 25 dollars to keep these new programs available for campers of all ages.

Yours in Christ,

Connor O'Boyle

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