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3. Plan your budget

Fees to set up a use agreement are set annually.

Rates Page: When planning make some time to study the rates page. Family/Individual rates are different from group rates with some important differences.

Groups will have minimum rates both for overnight and food service while families do not. Also, the dining hall is not open/available for individual/family retreats. (only the building being rented with access to outdoor space that will meet your families needs).

Outdoor cooking: There are two gas grills next to the dining hall which can be used if prior arrangements have been made.

If you need help understanding the price worksheet call Executive Director, David Campbell
at (406) 442-2230 ext. 104 and he will be happy to help.

To see the price worksheet click the URL below

To see a sample Use Agreement (this can be used to estimate your final invoice) click on the below URL

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