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Volunteer Camp Chaplain


All weeks / programs are currently filled.

One or more weeks

About the Position

JOB TITLE: Youth Camp Chaplain

DEPARTMENT: Camp Marshall



POSITION STATUS: Volunteer Clergyperson for one week between June – August

POSITION SUMMARY: Camp Marshall hosts the Camp Chaplain for each week of camp. The Chaplain offers pastoral care to campers and staff and facilitates daily worship at camp.

ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Works cooperatively with Executive Director, Camp Marshall Program Director, and Camp Summer Staff. Receives guidance and supervision from the Executive Director.



✦ Participates in each evening staff meetings.

✦ Before departing camp, write a post for the camp blog reflecting on the week of camp.

Provides pastoral care to campers and staff.

Offers structured “Chaplains hours” each day in which campers can seek out prayer or pastoral care.

Facilitates daily worship.

· Plans and facilitates meaningful youth participation in the camp’s daily liturgy.

· Leads a daily Eucharist using assigned Scripture texts (except during Grace Camp).

· Offers a homily each day which responds to the day’s assigned Scripture texts.

· Communicates with staff at lest 24 hours before homily so staff can coordinate learning objectives from homily with afternoon Christian formation activities.

· Meets with youth who assist in liturgy before and after the day’s Eucharist to train them and to facilitate active reflection on their experience leading worship.

· Available to facilitate small group reflection.

Participates in the common life of the camp community.

✦ Helps lead compline / participate in campfire as needed.

✦ Participates in one or more evening activity (i.e., talent night, waterfront night).

✦ Assists Executive Director to facilitate youth reflection on the week of camp during the closing Eucharist and BBQ.

May collaborate with staff in planning executing Christian formation activities but not lead such activities.


· Ordained priest approved for service by the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Montana.


Knowledge: N/A.


· Comfortable leading large groups. Facilitating discussion and directing small group reflection.

· Visual and auditory ability to identify and respond to environmental and other hazards related to the operation of the Camp.

· Interacts professionally with all with whom contact is made.

· Works effectively as a team contributor on all assignments.



· Ordained priest.

· Current in training in all Safeguarding training material or must complete and certify (obtained at pre-camp training activities).

· Enthusiasm for working with youth.

· Available to guide staff as they learn to lead worship, offer grace and as they practice leading cabin devotions.

· Willing to model practices of holy listening and small group facilitation for staff.

· Willing to participate in and offer feedback from daily camp activities including meals, recreation activities and evening campfires.

Preferred: N/A.



Sedentary: Primarily sitting/lifting 10 lbs maximum.

XXLight: Lifting 20 lbs max with frequent carrying/lifting up to 10 lbs.

Medium: Lifting 50 lbs max with frequent carrying/lifting up to 20 lbs.

Heavy: Lifting ***100 lbs max with frequent carrying/lifting up to ***50 lbs.

Very Heavy: Lifting objects over ***100 lbs w/frequent carrying/lifting up to ***50 lbs

***Lifting in excess of 50 lbs requires assistance or use of assistive devices***

Physical Factors:

Checked are the appropriate factors for this position:

0= Occasionally 33% of the work shift

F= Frequently 34-66% of the work shift

C= Constantly 67-100% of the work shift

N/A= Not Applicable for this position 0%

Physical Factors N/A O F C

Standing ____ ____ _x__ ____

Walking ____ ____ _x__ ____

Sitting ____ _x__ ____ ____

Pushing (100+) __x_ ____ ____ ____

Pulling (100=) __x_ ____ ____ ____

Stooping ____ ____ _x___ ____

Kneeling ____ ____ _x__ ____

Crouching ____ ____ _x___ ____

Reaching ____ ____ _x___ ____

Filing __x_ ____ ____ ____

Typing (computer) ____ _x__ ____ ____

Photocopying ____ _x__ ____ ____

Talking ____ ____ _x__ ____

Hearing ____ ____ ____ _x__

Color Vision ____ ____ ____ _x__

Driving ____ _x__ ____ ____


Factors N/A O F C

Exposure to Weather ____ _x__ ____ _­__

Extreme Heat ____ _x__ _­­­___ ____

Extreme Cold ____ _x__ ____ ____

Noise ____ ____ _x___ ____

Vapors ____ ____ _x___ ____

Dust, fumes ____ ____ _x___ ____

Odors ____ ____ _x___ ____

____________________________ __________________

Signature of Incumbent Date

____________________________ __________________

Supervisor Date


Be a part of the team:

This summer we will be looking at our Baptismal Covenant

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