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Digital Media Volunteer


One to two volunteers each week.

One or more weeks

About the Position

Digital Media Volunteer

Job Description: Summary: To organize and operate a digital media program to help camper’s experience and express their creativity. To equip and empower staff and youth in the use and creation of digital media in ways that actively support and further the mission of our diocese.

Sessions we need volunteers for include:

Grace Camp: Friday June 21 - 28th, 2024 (Students arrive on June 23th)

Family Camp One: Saturday June 29 - 5, 2024 (Families arrive on June 30th)

Jr. Middler Camp: Friday July 5 - July 12, 2024 (Students arrive on July 7th)

Family Camp Two: Friday July 14 - July 19th, 2024 (Families arrive on Sunday July 14th)

Senior High Camp: Friday July 19th - July 26th, 2024 (Students arrive on July 21st)

Community: Camp Marshall is a community experience where all staff and campers are with each other for an entire summer. Each week the staff will see a new group of campers while concurrently a deeper community will form among the staff who will be with each other all season. While each staff person has a “role” or specialty area such as Arts and Crafts Director, the larger role is one of everyone doing their part of living in community. It is that “intentionality of life together where you might find yourself helping out in the kitchen, campfire, evening programming, which sets camp apart as a place to work. The Media Center Director will organize and facilitate opportunities for campers to work in a variety of digital media and will encourage campers to experiment with using digital media to respond to scripture and to their experience at camp. The Media Center Director will provide guidance for campers with a focus on teaching a progression of skills. Understanding: Part of the job is cultivating an understanding of the “giftedness” of both staff and campers related to various types of digital media. Examples would include, video, audio and still pictures. Also, combining media with generating a creative expression of that media which could look like different things. A video, blog posts, digital art are just a few examples. While some may have advanced skills that can be encouraged to cultivate and express others will be trying ideas for the first time. An awareness of skills others bring, along with the sensitivity to be careful with a potentially new artist is part of the nuance needed by the person leading this area of camp. Projects must be reasonable in size and scope so that they will be completed before heading home. By the end of the summer, the Media Center Director will be able to speak about how campers’ and counselors’ engagement in the arts forms them in faith. If possible, the Media Center Director will curate one larger project that will promote the ministry of Camp Marshall and the Episcopal Diocese of Montana. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Planning & Preparation: 1. Become familiar with the goals and objectives of Camp Marshall, the Camp Commission and program design. * This can be found on the website and in conversations with the Executive Director. 2. Become familiar with American Camp Association (ACA) standards as they pertain to program design at camp. 3. Become familiar with the summer program weeks and program design. Each week will be different, so it is important to understand the programs and the schedule well before arriving at camp. 4. Begin developing a vision for the delivery of an arts and crafts program that is age appropriate and allows for participants to participate at different skill levels. *Over the course of the summer we will be working with children and families. Class sizes may range from 12 – 20 persons. (other adult staff will be working with you) 5. Become familiar with the Camp Marshall’s web platform. The ability to create content, write blogs, post social posts to share digital media is essential. Staff Training / For any volunteer who can attend one or both weeks. 1. Successful completion of staff training: This includes being certified in First Aid/CPR, AED card. (this can be obtained during staff training) 2. Inventory: Become familiar with inventory in the Media Center, develop a list of needed items for purchases. It is important to have orders completed by the end of week one of staff training. Orders will be coordinated by the Executive Director or his designee. 3. Inventory skills of other staff: Spend time with all of the staff and learn what “digital media” skills they have. It is quite possible there will be others on staff who have the skills to lead an activity. 4. Photo/video staff training: Help with the recording / delivery of online staff training via zoom to broadcast/record and share training resources with the diocese. 5. Staff Video: Generate a simple/fun video of staff that can be used to introduce staff/volunteers to campers each week. Also – by end of summer – a season “thank you” video of all summer staff, volunteers and clergy/deans who helped make the summer happen. 6. Marketing Plan: Work with Executive Director/ Summer Program Director to develop a vision for promotional materials we will be creating during the summer to help market the camp. a. Collaborate with the Executive Director and Summer Program Director and other camp staff to create at least one documentary project that tells a story of God’s work in Camp Marshall’s community of campers and staff. 7. Training Peers: During the second week of staff training teach counseling/program staff what you will be doing in the Media Center with an eye towards how staff are to work in the area during program delivery to include, but not limited to: Cultivating conversations with campers around artistic expression, supporting the classroom environment, feedback to campers as they are working, how to clean up the class space at the end of every session. Specific Responsibilities during program weeks: Media Center Program: 1. Develop and implement a digital media program suitable for children (and parents) attending the various camps. 2. Develop a weekly schedule of starting and finishing dates for media projects. a. Assign staff resources (cameras, recording equipment) and tasks to help gather digital content needed for projects. b. Plan and lead two program times each day (10 – 12 noon, 2:00 – 4;30) and be able to assist with Christian Formation/Chapel as needed. c. Provide instruction in as many digital media areas as possible. d. Develop, post, and enforce proper safety rules and regulations for the Media Center. 3. Be available for instruction of children and adults in the Media Center as the camp schedule dictates. 4. Keep all tools and equipment in proper working order; notify the Summer Program Director of any needed repairs. 5. Organize Photos: Organize pictures / video by season and subject. Upload “Albums” to Facebook by session and season. a. Strategic Planning: Make a list of all camp activities and create a strategy for staff/campers to get digital images of all areas of camp. 6. Make 60 - 80 photographs of a variety of camp activities available to the Camp Director at the end of each day. 7. Weekly Slideshow: Create a slideshow of campers and staff to share with parents at the end of each camp session. 8. Keep camp media center clean and orderly with help of staff and campers. 9. Coordinate with Arts & Crafts Director and the Office Manager to utilize social media to share projects with those outside of Camp Marshall. 10. Help lead Day Camp in July and August. 11. Ensure that the Media Center is thoroughly cleaned, and all supplies are properly inventoried and packed away before camp closing. General Summer Program: 1) Assist the Program Director with weekly tasks (when requested) such as crafting a weekly schedule with program rotations, cabin assignments. 2) Be available to assist staff with camper discipline issues, illness, or injury, preparation for all camp events such as chapel, talent show, campfire 3) Be able to lead, facilitate, and create small groups in working with Bible studies. 4) Take portraits (these are for security & a directory to help staff/volunteers learn names) of campers each week; be available to take group photographs as assigned. 5) Serve as a resource for the counselors. 6) Observe and evaluate counseling staff assigned to you. 7) Willing to supervise a cabin (if needed). 8) Perform duties as occasionally requested by the director. 9) Willing to assist with various camp activities, including leading field games, theater games, and evening campfire. Minimum Skills: 1) Knowledge and experience in digital media, including audio, video and photography. Especially with the ability to teach others how to use these media. 2) Experience with photography, videography, sound recording, and/or documentary studies. 3) Experience with Final Cut Pro (video editor) 4) Experience instructing or leading groups of children. 5) Creativity and the ability to inspire creative expression from campers and staff using digital media. 6) Creativity and the ability to inspire creative expression from campers and staff using digital media. 7) Ability to plan, carry out, and evaluate camp programs. 8) Ability to participate in planning, carrying out, and evaluation of the programs.


JOB QUALIFICATIONS: To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill and or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. COMPLETE ALL NECESSARY STEPS IN THE APPLICATION PROCESS: This includes but is not limited to; (See camp policies for complete list on the web page). a. A complete job application with references. b. Signed contract or “letter of agreement” c. A complete criminal background sex offender registry check d. Be fully vaccinated for COVID 19 prior to arriving at Camp. e. Have read and signed the Summer Staff Information” and agree to the terms, which are outlined. SUPPORT THE MISSION OF CAMP MARSHALL: 1. Encourage spiritual development in people of all ages; lead staff and campers in forming a community of faith and worship especially with an eye on expression through the media of arts and or crafts. 2. Communicate professionally and effectively with guests, staff, and members of the diocese, orally and in writing. EDUCATION and or EXPERIENCE 1. Minimum one year of college education or related work experience. 3. Experience in teaching media skills (and other activities) to groups of up to 24 persons. 4. Experience developing lesson plans. 5. Experience editing video with Final Cut Pro. 6. Experience uploading video projects to YouTube 7. Experience working / editing in WIX. As a web platform. 8. Ability to work with little or no supervision. Self-motivated. 9. Successfully complete staff training which will include but not limited to; a. Current certifications in CPR, First Aid, AED, and Challenge Course or willingness to obtain during staff training. b. Food Handlers Permit and Safe Church training or willingness to obtain during staff training. 10. Demonstrate maturity and experience with camp programming. 11. Be over 19 years of age during the summer camp season for which you are applying. REASONING Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions. 1. Manage time and prioritize goals without regular supervision. PHYSICAL DEMANDS: 1. The person hired for this position must be able to: a. physically walk around the 27-acre site of Camp Marshall. Physical aspects of the job include the ability to hear, see, and respond to emergencies as they arise on the campsite. 2. Willingness to live in a camp setting and work irregular hours delivering camp programs in a rustic facility, operate with daily exposure to varying weather conditions. 3. Willingness to participate in Day Camps that are held in different parts of the Dioceses of Montana, live in housing provided by local congregations, and adapt to the day camp schedules when on the road. WORK ENVIRONMENT 1. While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly exposed to outside weather conditions. The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate. The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. This is not necessarily an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, duties, functions of this job. While this job description is intended to be an accurate reflection of the current job, management reserves the right to revise the job, work schedule, and or to require that other different tasks be performed when circumstances change (e.g., emergencies, changes in personnel, workloads, equipment breakdowns, are a few examples). 2. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

About Camp Marshall

Mission of Camp Marshall: We are a vital part of the body of Christ, a Church which is loving, growing, vibrant, relevant, and effective. We extend the love of Christ through the sacraments, relationships, and our communities. Camp Marshall is a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Montana. Reflecting the basic principles of the Christian Faith. Camp Marshall provides quality programs and facilities that promote positive character development and provide opportunities to encounter God. All people in the employ of the camp are expected to be familiar with and supportive of the basic polity and practice of The Episcopal Church. Further employment privileges and responsibilities are found in the policy and procedures manual provided each employee.

Be a part of the team:

This summer we will be looking at our Baptismal Covenant.

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