Day Camp Volunteer


One Volunteer for every 10 children attending the Day Camp

One or more weeks (depending on your location)

About the Position

What we need from the congregation:

A single point of contact from the Congregation to the Camp Marshall Day Camp Team.

Please provide Camp Marshall with a single person that will be the contact person during the year, additionally please provide a single point of contact for the week we are on the premises. This person should be on-call 24hrs/day while wea re at the facility.


Staff who arrive to run Day Camp will need housing from the parish. Staff are coming with their clothes, and resources for the day camps. To keep the program affordable, a very important way to help is have housing for up to four staff. It is best to imagine two teams of two. For example, beds/showers for two persons per-home.


Dinner each night for the program staff coming from Camp Marshall needs to be provided by the congregation. This might look like a family taking the staff (as a team) to dinner (home cooked or out) Sunday – Thursday nights.


The congregation needs to provide snacks for each morning/afternoon for the day campers. *snacks should be healthy / not pure sugar. Fruit, juice, water are some examples. If it is HOT, water is especially important vs. a sugary drink. No SODA


It is recommended that a congregation provide 1 adult volunteer per-every 10 students attending each program day. For example, if there are 20 day campers the church would need two volunteers. During the course of the week that can be the same volunteers (each day) or two different volunteers each day of the week. This is a “strategy” to help members make stronger connections to day campers with the goal of inviting day campers to participate in your congregation in the fall of this calendar year. It can be different volunteers each day to help with ratios during the program day. Strategically, very helpful if participants / volunteers are key leaders in the fall youth program students will be connecting to.

Volunteers must have a current file with the church that meets Safe Church standards as defined in the Policies of the church. By way of example staff files need to include, but not limited to; A current application, reference checks, voluntary disclosure form, sex offender – criminal background check and current in safe church classes.

Program Support:

It is recommended that a portion of each day volunteer staff/clergy provide an hour of programming that would model part of your fall program with children. An example, if your church offers Godly Play for students those leaders from the local parish lead that hour to create an opportunity for students to experience part of your fall program during day camp.

An invitation to the fall schedule:

Friday of each week marks the last program day for our Day Camps. This day we invite parents to some kind of event, ice cream social, dinner, etc.…(this can be different for every church). Students may share songs, skits, art from the week. MOST important – at this time it is very important for students / families to be provided with an invitation to what is next for youth and families in the congregation.

The Theme for 2022

Reaching up and reaching out.

This summer we will be looking at our Baptismal Covenant.

Reaching up and reaching out.