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Family Camp Two

Camp Dates

July 14 - 19, 2024

Session Pricing

Cabin by the week: (Up to six persons)
$1,450.00 or $241.00 per day

Trailer by the week: (up to 4 persons)
$675.00 or $112.00 per day

Tent by the week (Up to 2 Persons)
$360 or $60 per-day

About this program

Camp Marshall provides a backdrop for families to grow stronger together in Christ through living in Christian Community, playing, discovering love is renewed through prayer, worship, and time together. Make new friends and continue friendships as your children grow up with others at your yearly family camp experiences. Giving your family time to play together on the water, through arts and crafts, or family day trips you plan to Glacier National Park, helps forge deeper relationships, mend hearts, and experience fresh beginnings.

About your chaplain



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