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Waterfront Director

Salary Range

$400 - $450 DOE @ 7 weeks

Summer Season

June 10th - July 27th, 2024

*Salaries may be pro-rated by the week for a shorter season. 

Interested in the position?  Submit your online application and apply NOW. 

About the Position


Planning & Preparation:
1. Become familiar with the goals and objectives of Camp Marshall, the Camp Commission and program
design. * This can be found on the website and in conversations with the Executive Director.
2. Become familiar with American Camp Association (ACA) standards as they pertain to program design
on the camps waterfront. Work with the Executive Director on identifying training needs both for
yourself and summer staff specific to the waterfront activities made available.
3. Become familiar with the summer program weeks and program design. Each week will be different,
so it is important to understand the programs and the schedule well before arriving at camp.
4. Begin developing a vision for the waterfront program that is age appropriate and allows for
participants to participate at different activities and skill levels. *Over the course of the summer we
will be working with children and families. Group sizes may range from 12 – 50 persons. (other adult
staff will be working with you)
5. Become familiar with the Camp Marshall’s web platform. The ability to create content, write blogs,
post social posts to share great waterfront images and stories.

Staff Training
1. Inventory skills of other staff: Spend time with all of the staff and learn what waterfront skills they
2. Inventory: Become familiar with inventory for the waterfront, develop a list of needed items for
purchases. It is important to have orders completed by the end of week one of staff training. Orders
will be coordinated by the Executive Director or his designee.
3. Successful completion of staff training: This includes non-waterfront areas of the camp such as;
characteristics of different age groups, challenge course, faith formation etc.
4. Lifeguard Training: Must participate in help with lifeguard training at camp.
5. The Waterfront Director will participate/lead training for summer staff in all aspects of the waterfront
program. Empowering staff and volunteers to run the waterfront, explain and enforce waterfront rules,
assign shifts to lifeguards, instruct campers on use of watercraft, supervise health and safety at the
waterfront, and maintain all waterfront equipment safely and effectively.
4. Training Peers: During the second week of staff training teach counseling/program staff what you will
be doing at the waterfront with an eye towards how staff are to work in the area during program
delivery to include, but not limited to: supporting a safe waterfront environment, feedback to
campers, how to clean up the waterfront area at the end of every session.

Specific Responsibilities during program weeks:
1. Prepare swimming area for shallow and deep end boundaries.
2. Participate in all waterfront orientation with staff/volunteers who may arrive each week.
3. Lead weekly swim tests and boating tests for campers; provide campers with appropriate swimming
and boating boundaries.
4. Responsible for the appearance and cleanliness of all waterfront areas and equipment.
5. Accountable for maintenance, security, and inventory of all boating equipment, lifeguarding
equipment, and waterfront supplies, and Stand-Up Paddle boards.
6. Must keep accurate records in the daily logs for all activities and for condition of all equipment.
7. the Waterfront Director will work with the Summer Program Director or his/her designee to plan
waterfront activities (including trips to Wild Horse Island when appropriate, waterfront night, etc.).
8. Activate and lead the appropriate emergency action plan when necessary.
9. The Waterfront Director will be available to support and substitute for counselors from time to time
throughout the summer.
10. Perform other duties as assigned.

Your Staff Person

To be announced

To be announced

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