Summer Program Director

Salary Range

$6,400 - $7,400 DOE @ 13.5 weeks

Summer Season

May 17th - August 14th, 2022 *Some part time work prior to the season

*Salaries may be pro-rated by the week for a shorter season. 

Interested in the position?  Start by making a connection with our main office. 

About the Position

Job Title: Summer Program Director Department: Camp Marshall
Immediate Supervisor: Executive Director Exempt Status: FLSA Exempt
Position Status: Seasonal Full Time Employee Salary Range: $6,400 – 7,400 DOE

Summer Sessions:
1. Schedule, plan, and coordinate summer camp programs including weekly schedules, environmental
education programs. Lead staff meetings in coordination with the Executive Director. Communicate
feedback to the Executive Director or his designee.
2. Confirm staff are making daily checks of the camp equipment for safety, cleanliness, and good repair.
3. Work with staff and volunteer chaplains to plan “Life Together Time” (LTT) as part of Camp Marshall’s
summer program. During Family Camp / Clergy will be asked to facilitate a bible study for the
parents/adults with program staff leading a “youth group” style meeting.
4. Communicate professionally with staff members and parents. Work with the Executive
Director/Assistant Director to communicate with parents/guardians regarding camper concerns,
feedback, discipline, or behavioral contracts.
5. Assist staff members as necessary to fill needs that arise at camp.
6. Manage staff schedules. This will include schedules for Day Camps (outreach programs), youth
programs and our Family Camps. The Executive Director is a resource to help with all of this.
7. Coordinate campfire and evening programs.

Your Staff Person

To be announced

To be announced

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