Long Season Counselors (4 openings -2 Male & 2 Female)

Salary Range

$3,450 - $4,025 DOE @ 11.5 Weeks

Summer Season

May 31st - August 14th, 2022

*Salaries may be pro-rated by the week for a shorter season. 

Interested in the position?  Start by making a connection with our main office. 

About the Position


Planning & Preparation: During Staff Training you will learn:
1) Goals and objectives of Camp Marshall, the Camp Commission and program design.
2) Learn American Camp Association (ACA) standards that relate to work at camp.
3) Summer program weeks and program design.
4) Begin developing a vision for the delivery of a program that is age appropriate and allows for
participation at different skill levels. *Over the course of the summer we will be working with children
and families. Class sizes may range from 12 – 20 people. (program staff will be working with you)
5) Become familiar with Camp Marshall’s web platform. The ability to create content, write blogs, post
social posts to share the camps story is essential.
6) Inventory: Become familiar with inventory in different program areas of camp. Assist Program
Specialists develop a list and items needed for the season.

Staff Training: Specific training goals:
1) Successful completion of staff training: This includes being certified in First Aid/CPR, AED card. (This
can be obtained during staff training), and Safe Church Training.
2) Program Skills Training: Areas include, but are not limited to waterfront, Archery, Challenge Course,
Arts and Crafts and Media
3) Inventory skills of other staff: Spend time with all the staff and learn what skills they have. It is quite
possible there will be others on staff who have the skills to lead an activity. *This work may greatly
influence goal setting.
4) Participate in Goal Setting for the summer: Working with Directors, Program Specialists, and
Counselors to help set the tone for the summer.
5) Learn the characteristics of different age groups.
6) Learn the Discipline model for camp.
7) Learn about camper evaluations.
8) Learn how to lead campfire on assigned nights.
9) Willingness to fill in for other staff situations arise.
10) Work with a small group of counseling staff.

Specific Responsibilities during program weeks:
1) Develop a personal relationship with each member of your cabin group. Get to know them and be
available at all times for their various needs. Socially interact with them. Be familiar with what’s going
on in their lives.
2) Check the schedule and make copies to hang in your cabin. Make sure your campers know when they
are scheduled to do something and make sure your campers on time.
3) Help each cabin participant meet the goals established by Camp Marshall for our campers.
4) Supervise all aspects of assigned campers’ days, including wake-up, clean up, meals, rest time,
evening activities, preparing for bed, overnight, and after-hours duties as assigned.
5) Recognize and respond to opportunities for problem solving in your cabin group.
6) Help staff/volunteers/Clergy when needed.
7) Help lead worship, program activities, camp songs, skits, and cabin devotions as assigned.
8) Take an active role in leading campers in activities and exercise visible leadership to model for
9) Support campers, counseling staff and volunteers as they engage in leading activities at camp.
10) Offer daily check-in opportunities for your campers.
11) Supervise and participate in cabin clean up, KP, meal hosting and bathroom duties as assigned.
12) Be able to lead, facilitate, and create small groups in working with Bible studies.
13) Lead campfire on assigned nights.
14) Model for and support counselors as they facilitate a nightly check-in and devotion time with their
15) Round up your campers at lights out and remain with them until wake-up.
16) Perform other duties as occasionally assigned by the director.
17) Inform the Program Director or their designee of any camper or staff problems, concerns, or issues.
18) Be aware of your counseling limitations and speak with the director(s) or their designee if you have
any concerns or questions about those limits.

General Summer Program:
1. In general, the ratio of Cabin Counselors to Campers is one to six.
2. Cabin Counselors work with three other counselors in their team who will be supervising up to 25
students (when youth camps) or up to half of the programming for family camps.
3. Cabin Counselors participate in a variety of leadership roles.
4. In addition to supervising campers, Cabin Counselors participate in; helping build weekly schedules,
running program areas, assisting other counselors/volunteers in working with campers through
discipline issues. If needed Cabin Counselors will jump into another cabin to cover for a counselor
who is sick or unable to perform their duties.
5. Identify and help resolve conflicts as they arise with campers.

Your Staff Person

To be announced

To be announced

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