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Kitchen Staff

Salary Range

$300 - $350 DOE @ 10.5 weeks

Summer Season

June 10 - Aug 18, 2024

*Salaries may be pro-rated by the week for a shorter season. 

Interested in the position?  Submit your online application and apply NOW. 

About the Position

Participates in all facets of camp food service including food preparation, serving and sanitation. The dining hall serves groups ranging in size from 25 – 85 persons.

Summer Season Salary Range
June 10 - Aug 18, 2024 $300 - $350/ week, plus room and board

Food Service:
Prep food for cooking
Keep all work areas and dining room areas clean and sanitized
Prepare food in accordance with designed menu to be ready to serve at designated mealtimes
Observe all food safety requirements as outlined by camp policies and the Lake County Health Department
Serve Camp Marshall guests and staff in a courteous and friendly manner

Dining Hall:
Assist with leading volunteers/campers in cleaning up from assigned meals
Assist with setting up and taking down chairs / tables for assigned meals and program events
Keep dining hall and surrounding porch neat, clean and in orderly condition

Team Building:
Is willing to fully participate in camp community life and worship, to support the mission and ministry of Camp Marshall
Possesses good character, maturity, adaptability, and is teamwork oriented
Possesses enthusiasm, a sense of humor, patience, and self-control

Minimum Skills
Ability to perform physical labor that involves lifting and carrying twenty or more pounds
Familiar or willing to learn proper, chopping, slicing, knife skills when handling food
Familiar or willing to learn how to bake: bread / rolls, buns, and cakes

Your Staff Person

To be announced

To be announced

When the position fills we will add their picture with a short bio

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