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Dining Hall Services Director

Salary Range

$350 - $500 per week DOE @ up to 11.5 weeks

Summer Season

June 5 - August 18th, 2024

*Salaries may be pro-rated by the week for a shorter season. 

Interested in the position?  Submit your online application and apply NOW. 

About the Position


Planning & Preparation:
1. Become familiar with the goals and objectives of Camp Marshall, the Camp Commission and program
design. * This can be found on the website and in conversations with the Executive Director.
2. Become familiar with American Camp Association (ACA) standards as they pertain to food service at
3. Become familiar with the summer program weeks and program design. Each week will be different,
so it is important to understand the programs and the schedule and groups that will be served from
week to week.
a. Plan a menu of nutritious meals for staff orientation and summer camp. This should be a two-
week rotating menu.

Staff Training:
1. Arrive ahead of the regular staff training dates to prep for summer season. This can include, but not
limited to:
a. Inventory what is in the freezers, pantry, and cooking supplies.
b. Become familiar with food orders/how to make them with our distributer.
c. Order any needed equipment to ensure efficiency with cooking and serving.
d. Set Menu for staff training and complete food orders so the kitchen is stocked and ready for the
first day of staff training.
2. Successful completion of staff training: This includes being certified in First Aid/CPR, AED card. (this
can be obtained during staff training)
3. Inventory skills of other staff: Spend time with all of the staff and learn what cooking skills they have.
It is quite possible there will be others on staff who have the skills to help out in the kitchen if needed.
4. Training Peers: During the second week of staff training teach counseling/program staff how the
dining hall works. How staff are to work in the area to include, but not limited to: Cultivating
conversations with campers around; trying new food, portion control, dining hall etiquette and how to
clean up at the end of every meal.

Specific Responsibilities during program weeks:
1. Design menu, purchase food, and deliver all meals scheduled on time.
2. Plan and lead the kitchen staff to be sure all responsibilities of the dining hall are covered.
3. Check with the nurse or registrar for any special dietary needs before campers arrive. If you are
unsure of a camper(s) needs; call the parents and visit with them about their camper(s).
4. Always keep the dining hall clean and presentable.
5. Oversee and evaluate staff that are assigned to you.

Minimum Skills:
1. Experience cooking for groups ranging from 25 – 85.
2. Effective organizing and leading the kitchen staff and volunteers during the summer season.
3. Experience with menu planning, purchasing and inventory.
a. Able to use recipes to construct shopping lists.
4. Experience with all aspects of expanding or reducing a recipe to feed groups of different sizes.
5. Familiar with special dietary needs such as vegetarian, vegan, celiac diet, peanut allergies etc. Look at
the menu you are developing and consider how to plan alternatives to meet special dietary needs.
6. Possesses good character, maturity, adaptability, and is teamwork oriented.
7. Possesses enthusiasm, a sense of humor, patience, and self-control.
8. Posses certification as a Serve Safe Food Manager.
9. Implement emergency procedures as needed and participate in mandatory drills.

1. Food Service
a. Implement the Camp Marshall philosophy and style; nutritious, homemade, and fresh, in cooking,
preparation and serving.
b. Crucial to this point are cooking “from scratch” as much as feasible.
1. Serving freshly baked bread daily.
2. Offering vegetarian food options at all meals
3. Responding to guests’ dietary restrictions whenever possible,
4. Maximizing the amount of fresh, unprocessed, and organic ingredients used.
a. Develop menus with input from kitchen staff to ensure a variety of meals are appropriate for the
groups that are coming.
b. Menus will be completed two weeks in advance and presented at staff meetings when the two
weeks out numbers are presented for each group served. The goal is to allow feedback from the
Administrative Assistant, Nurse, Program Director provide feedback if they are aware of any
specific group needs.
1. All items listed on the menu must have a specific recipe to follow.
2. Exception: soups and/or side dishes intended to utilize leftovers and perishable items.
ii. Sample menus for website (for specific group types) to show basic menu choices.
c. Order food and kitchen supplies as needed. Keep adequate stores of food staples, ensuring that
excess food stuffs are utilized. Maintain an adequate supply of kitchen disposable plates, utensils,
paper products, (in case the sanitizer breaks) cleaning supplies for dining hall and sanitizing

2. Dining Hall
a. Lead kitchen staff in preparing, serving, and cleaning up from assigned meals.
b. Insure front and side porch and stairwell are swept or blown off daily.
c. Work with Program Director to assure there is a plan for chairs to be stacked at the end of dinner
each day so the floor can be swept and mopped.
d. Dining hall will only be set up for the number of campers/guests at camp in addition to enough
seating for staff.
e. Responsible to see Kitchen Staff will be responsible:
i. To sweep under tables and all facility set up. (salad bar, cereal bar, bathrooms, serving line.
ii. To spot mop around tables, salad, and beverage bar, return line for dishes and where needed.
iii. To sweep and mop out every night; kitchen, and dry goods area.
iv. Keep dining hall and surrounding porch neat, clean and in orderly condition.
f. Report any maintenance issues to the Site Manager and Executive Director.

3. Administrative:
a. Maintain a safe and healthy food preparation environment, adhering to the basic standards
outlined by Lake County Health Department, the American Camping Association, and other
regulatory agencies.
b. Keep detailed logs of all equipment function, including temperature logs. Ensure that records are
accurate, up-to-date, and immediately accessible.
c. Act as supervisor for all kitchen-related staff:
i. Create work schedules two weeks out and posted in kitchen.
ii. Insure there is a menu for staff to work from with supplies needed to cook what is on the menu
with access to recipes used to make the food order(s)
iii. Ensure that all food service staff maintain current Serve Safe Food Handlers Card.

1. This will include summer staff and volunteers who may be asked to help in the kitchen.
iv. Staffing: The Dining Hall Services Director is considered the Head Cook with permission to
schedule staff when needed to complete the aforementioned duties.
1. Specifically, groups of 10 or less will be solely maintained by the Head Cook
2. Groups of 10 – 25; one added staff person
3. Groups of 25 – 50; 2 added staff persons
4. Groups of 50 – 75; 3 added staff persons
5. Groups of 75 – 85; 4 added staff persons
6. Any exception must be approved by the Executive Director.
4. Budget
a. Continuously strive for the responsible expenditure of monies
b. Look for food products in season; fresh and inexpensive and can be frozen for future use.
c. Expect vendors to disclose prices of products while making food orders.
d. Purchase food strategically to leverage the value of sale prices.
e. Keep excellent records of food purchased and stored.
i. Inventory control list maintained for frozen goods, dry goods, fresh produce, spices, and all
chemicals, paper/plastic products.
ii. Any purchases made off the camp must be verified into inventory by another member of the
kitchen staff against the original receipt. (not a family member)
f. Work closely with kitchen staff to assure production is within norms of group size and not cooking
extra for departure from camp.
g. Under no circumstance is the Dining Hall Services Director to order anything from a vendor or
store for a staff person.
5. Work with the executive Director to learn how the food service budget was crafted with an
understanding of the expected cost per-meal. Communicate consistently with the Executive Director
how expenses are aligned with budgeting goals.
6. Additional Duties:
a. Support and participate in summer camp staff meetings, special programs (birthday cakes, etc.)
evening program requests such as s'mores.

Your Staff Person

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To be announced

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