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Senior High Camp


July 21 - 26, 2024



About this camp:

Our program is built around the idea of learning how to live in a Christian Community. During parts of the day, we are all together as a family or community, to include, but are not limited to, Chapel, mealtimes, evening games, campfire and/or evening program.

Each cabin group has two counselors who live with and supervise campers during the week. Staff are trained to have zero tolerance for bullying and have been well trained in recognizing and responding to behaviors as they happen in real time. Each cabin group strives to make their living group safe, fun, and enjoyable. Staff talk directly about the fruits of the spirit with campers. The goal that the “fruits” would be words that would describe their cabin life. It is important to make room for, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Campers are invited into this conversation as a small cabin group, progressing to the whole camp experience.

Working with a small group design, campers get to know themselves, one another, and the staff with whom they are working. It is our goal to help campers progress through skills since supervision is generally kept at one adult to every six campers. Our staff plans activities and skills to be age appropriate.

At Senior High Camp, we place a high value on leadership development. Many campers have skills and talent to share with the community. When campers arrive, we work to learn about our campers and look for ways to give them an opportunity to share what they know and take leadership roles that are appropriate.

Camp places an emphasis on Challenge Course activities (where we learn how to work with each other). Challenges are age appropriate and intended to help groups learn to solve problems together. Areas we key in on include listening, problem solving, sharing our feelings, cooperative work and learning to think outside the box. These “games” help us with other program areas all around the camp.

Some of the program areas camp provides include music, swimming, kayaking, Stand Up Paddleboard, field games (such as Gaga Ball), Archery, Arts and Crafts. Each program area includes our programming goals of; Safety, Faith, Relationship Skills, Participation and being unplugged from home. To learn more about our program goals click here.

Christian Formation
A special emphasis is placed on making time for God and learning about Jesus Christ. Camp Chaplains help lead that work with daily chapel and “formation” time. These are central to our camp day and program week.

Senior High camp looks for campers who can help lead worship music and campfire songs. Camp is a very powerful week in forming and expressing their faith.

About the Leader

To be announced

To be announced

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