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Celebrate Camp Marshall Weekend

A small group of adults enjoying the outdoor deck next to Brewer Lodge.
  • Celebrate Camp Marshall weekend is time set apart as a weekend of Thanksgiving.  We take time to remember that everything we do is on behalf of Jesus Christ.

  • The weekend is two nights and six meals.  We begin Friday evening and finish after a BBQ lunch on Sunday.  

  • There will be some program options such as swimming, kayaking and possibly a trip to Wild Horse Island.   

  • We will be following the recommended guidelines of the CDC to keep participants safe from COVID 19. 

  • Friday August 13 - 15


  • To gather, fellowship, rest, relax and worship as a community.  A time to be thankful for the gifts God has showered in our lives.



  • Families who would like to participate in our closing program weekend for the summer of 2021.  It will operate like a family camp for Friday – Sunday.  Programming will be limited as we have a very small staff this summer. 


  • We will be using both sides of camp and taking care to match our facility capacity with persons who are vaccinated.   We will be using both sides of camp and sharing the staff house (with persons who have been vaccinated only).    

A sunset picture of the waterfront with the 23' sailboat in the picture.
A picture. of a small group of adults enjoying our outdoor deck next to Brewer Lodge.

We are working hard to make the camp accessible to as many persons possible for the weekend. 

Our housing options are based on access to available restrooms hence our limited number of cabins.

We are making a waiting list of persons who want to come and will need to know if you are vaccinated.  

The goal is simple:  If we have enough vaccinated persons we can open up a shower house to vaccinated guests with no restrictions which will allow for more cabins being used. 

Thank you for your understanding.

ALL persons interested in coming to camp need to contact Jill Sallin, Diocesan Administrator, to let her know your status.  When we have enough information we will work to get as many into camp as we can. 

This short video will help you lean how to use our registration system.  The video is very helpful!  

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