The mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Montana:

A transformed and transforming church empowered by the Risen Lord


Our summer camp exists to invite youth and their families into a community committed to sharing daily life in the way of Jesus. 


Summer Camp Programming Goals:

The overall goal for each program is to combine Christian education and recreation or (re-creation) in an outdoor setting as a platform to introduce campers to a broad range of experiences; helping all participants better understand and live into Christian community. In many ways camp is a “Sacred Playground” for everyone who participates in our programs. Presiding Bishop Michael Curry spoke about camping programs thus, “Camp is a space that gives “context” to our theology”.


During each of our camp sessions, campers and staff receive space to experience and reflect on what it means to know and love God and God’s creation. 

To do this work we have five areas of focus that frame our Program Goals:


1. Safety: 

Safety at camp includes physical and emotional safety. It is a place where campers can be themselves without the fear of being judged.

       a. Clarify rules of camp and roles of our community so there is an understanding of how we live together.  

       b. Teach the importance of respecting the rights and the dignity of yourself and others as a core value.  This is directly from the Baptismal Covenant in the BCP*.

       c. Foster Christian community as an expression of our baptismal covenant.  

       d. Train staff to recognize and stop bullying of all kinds. 

       e. Provide programming appropriate for each age group.  Staff are trained in supervising each activity with camper safety as a number one priority.  Each program allowing for “challenge by choice” allows campers to “opt out” if they choose.


2. Unplugged from home:

Camp is a set apart location (even day camps) providing physical and emotional distance from environments considered “normal”, allowing them to see the world and their place in it, differently.

  1. Recognize their own gifts,

  2. Recognize the gifts others possess

  3. Recognize God’s creation as a gift:  fostering curiosity and wonder for the natural world by teaching environmental stewardship.

3. Faith: 

We want campers to know Christ Jesus.

  1. To participate in the work outlined in the five promises of the Baptismal Covenant.

            1a.  Study the Apostles teaching, fellowship, and breaking bread together by participating in; worship, prayer, study, through outdoor activities in order to create a “context for our theology”.

            1b. To begin or renew the campers’ relationship with Jesus in God’s creation.


4.  Participation:

Campers learn to grow through active, tangible activities that employ their body, mind and soul.  

  1. To encourage campers to grow and learn new skills. 

            1a.  When planning a week of camp, we include; music, dance, drama, sports, games, social recreation, environmental education, art, crafts.  All through the lens of spiritual education.

  2.To encourage individual growth in a chosen activity. When a camper chooses a specific skill area, they will get instruction on that skill every day of the week to help them progress and experience success.

  3.To encourage participation in year-round programming and leadership development.  


5.  Relationship Skills:

Equip campers to be a life-long Christian.                      

  1. Teach campers to be responsible for their behavior.

  2. Learn how to navigate healthy conflict resolution and reconciliation.

  3. Explore creative problem solving through group activities.

  4. Provide opportunities for servant leadership.

  5. Practice hospitality.

  6. Equip campers to continue growing in faith and service when re-entering their home community.

Behavioral outcomes: 

Be a lifelong servant of God


While Camp Marshall offers a wide variety of activities, our primary goal for campers is that each gains a clearer understanding of the core values connected with the baptismal covenant. 

This work is never done. We strive to promote all to be lifelong sojourners with God.

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