1. New Grace Challenge

Ohhhhhh... The Lord is good to me and so I thank the Lord....


If you've ever attended camp you've most likely sang this meal time grace. We also have other classics such as Jurassic Park, Adams Family, Our God is So Big, and many other great ones. However, we feel like we need MORE!


So we are asking YOU to come up with a new meal time grace and share it with us! We may just add it to our repertoire, and you might just be singing the Grace YOU came up with next summer!


Email your submission to campmarshallmedia@gmail.com

 2. Sunrise Camper Challenge

Have you taken any beautiful sunrise pictures? If so, will you please share them with us? We will make a slide show out of them next week!


This particular picture was sent to us by Father O'Flynn from Christ Church in Kalispell. He took it while at the sea of Galilee. The actual waters where Jesus walked...amazing.


Thanks friends!

 3. Dance Challenge

You can dance if you want to, and we hope you do! We're doing a dance challenge led by Kristine Stanfield and Sierra Crandell! In the video to the left Kristine explains how to participate, and there are also two pieces of choreography at the end. Hope to see your sweet moves!

Here is a short film that’s almost done- but we need your help!  We need you to decide the dialogue or the plot of this short, and then send it back in!  Have fun with it!

4. Decide The Dialogue  

5. Shirt Design Challenge

Check out this awesome new camp logo designed by P.J. Willett!  You can purchase shirts, stickers, and other cool items with this new logo at our camp store.  https://teespring.com/stores/camp-marshall-store


We know that there are A LOT of talented artists out there.  We want to ask YOU to design a new logo for us too!  Email us your artwork at campmarshallmedia@gmail.com with the subject line “Logo Contest.”  


The winner will be announced and revealed on July 28th. The winners design will go onto our camp store, AND they will get a T-Shirt with their own design on it!!  

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