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To all of our camper families and alumni,

This year’s summer camp program will be very different due to Covid 19.

The most effective way to mitigate and or reduce risk to our campers, their families and home parishes is to NOT have them attend a normal summer camp.  While summer will not "look the same" or be like anything we are used to the opportunity to re-imagine our work as Christians will not be missed.  We are very excited to share our efforts to expand one of our programs with all of our families. 

We are working on something new right now that will keep us connected and still involved in the mission of Camp Marshall.  While this is different it will be challenging and worthwhile for those who participate.  The work we are proposing is actually connected to part of our program that was initiated some time ago.  It is an unexpected blessing that we have been working on this for some time especially since it is creating an opportunity to take a profound step forward in our missional work. 

In 2011 Camp Marshall spearheaded a project called the Digital Media Center.  The goal of the program, to explore two key questions; 1. What does it look like to be a Christian in a digital world?  2.  What does your digital footprint look like?  For example, when you upload content, does it reflect your baptismal covenant?  This summer we will pull this program into the spotlight and use it to carry the missional work of Camp Marshall into the world.  We will use technology to engage campers in the work and ministry of our diocese.  As we do this work we will also be reaching more people around the country and indeed the world.  

We will gather digital resources for our congregations to use year-round.  The key—reengagement—seeking participation from everyone in the diocesan family—students, clergy, lay persons.  This could include; scripture readings., music,  confirmation resources perhaps via YouTube; link campers’ experience with this pandemic and their faith life in the context of hope in the risen Christ; create a platform for online lessons; host online meetings with youth workers around the state; explore the possibility of an event we can launch once we get past the COVID crisis.  We will be working hard to create/edit and produce final edits of projects for future use and host online campfires.


Now is the time to begin thinking of friends on both sides of the Ocean who you may wish to invite on our adventure.  

Watch for more information at Diomontana.com and Camp Marshall's Facebook page.  There is more news on the way.  We are still "crafting our vision" and will soon have more to share.

Yours in Christ,


David Campbell

Executive Director

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